About Us


Quite simply. we LOVE toys!  Remember that favorite toy store from your childhood (most of us have one or two - mine was "Mr. Big's Toyland" and "Irving's Toys and Cards" in the Boston area) and how you felt visiting it with your parents or grandparents?  Well, our goal is to help you recreate those memories and help your child create memories of their own!  With this basic premise, we strive to reboot the retail toy business by actually mixing the best of the toy stores of yesteryear with the service, convenience and cool selection of toys we know you're looking for!

So, please come, browse either of our stores (online and in West Chester) and find cool, unique toys with cool, unique people helping you find them!


Although the name "Monkey Fish Toys" was born in 2013, the team behind the name has been in the toy business for over 15 years!  Here's a brief company history:

  • 2001 - We started the business as The Collectors Depot, LLC, selling collectible toys on-line.
  • 2005 - we changed our operating name to Bull Market Toys, since people seemed to think The Collectors Depot was a bill-collection agency!
  • 2010 - We opened our first retail store, Bull Market Toys, in the Eagleview section of Downingtown, PA, expanding our selection to include more than just collecitble toys.
  • 2013 - Bursting at the seams in our little store, we moved to a space three times the size in Exton, PA, and renamed the store "Monkey Fish Toys"! (Bull Market Toys seemed to never click with customers - nobody ever accused us of being marketing geniuses!).
  • 2014 - We liked our store in Exton so much, we decided to open a bit larger store in West Chester!
  • 2017 - After four phenomenal years in Exton, in our sleepy but loveable shopping center, we decided to move the store up the road to Chester Springs.
  • 2018 - We completed a full overhaul of our Chester Springs store!


Ok, so before we move-on, let's answer the question of how we came up with the name "Monkey Fish Toys" - I asked my daughter, four-years-old at the time, what would be a cool name or mascot for the toy store - she, for some reason, blurted out "monkey fish" (perhaps they talked about monkey fish in school that day!)... The name stuck because whenever anyone hears it they can't help but smile or giggle... the rest is history!


Our cool and unique team of toy lovers:

Brian - logistics dynamo... team member since 2006

Cassie - creative wonder / customer service... team member since 2014

Kate - organizational wiz / customer service...team member since 2015

KC - da boss!... team member since 2018

Kerri - funnest job at MFT! / lead buyer... team member since 2011

Jeff - jack of all trades / customer service... team member since 2016

Jen T - energy booster / customer service... team member since 2014

Kirsten - woman with an attitude - a fantastic attitude / customer service... team member since 2017

Megan - customer service queen / team scheduler... team member since 2012

Mike - chief toy strategist (i.e. - plays with the toys)... team member since 2001

Rebecca - artist in residence / customer service... team member since 2015

Sam - toy tester / customer service - team member since 2015

Tim - chief graphics dude / customer service... team member since 2014

We hope you get to know us and like what you learn - if not, please This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call me personally (484-341-8367) with any questions, comments, or issues!

Happy Playing!